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Blazing glory

radical grace

global gospel

coming into focus

We see a growing multi-ethnic, generationally, and economically diverse family of Christ-followers being marked by God's Blazing Glory, living under God's Radical Grace, and carrying God's Global Gospel of redemption and reconciliation to the world.


In Him we live and move.


God is taking his people on a journey. An adventure of mountain tops, rivers, and valleys. People marked by beauty and brokenness; family and a future. If we listen carefully we'll hear the call of Jesus to dance in the rhythms of His grand story. To walk with Him as He works in us.


In Him we live and move.


How we get there

Every time we talk about worship, relationships, discipleship, and leadership at Mosaic our aim is that we intentionally pursue diversity. Whether that is through ethnic, generational, or even different economical backgrounds.

Strategic Commitments
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