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We are a people marked by God's Blazing Glory, living under God's Radical Grace, and carry the Global Gospel.

BLAZING GLORY - We have heard of, seen and desire to see in a greater way the weight, beauty, awesome terror and sovereign rule of God over all things. As a result, we celebrate loudly, worship deeply, proclaim thoughtfully and winsomely, and serve each other and the world sacrificially because of it.


RADICAL GRACE - It is God's story in the lives of His people. He has made us alive, washed away our sin, hold us together in our weakness, and is working in us to be transformed into the image of Christ. Grace propels us into our calling and we work to serve Christ as His grace works in us. We are broken. Jesus is perfect. Our confidence is in Him.


GLOBAL GOSPEL - God sends us into the world on a mission armed with a redemption story of how broken people can be reconciled to their Creator and to each other through the perfect life, death, resurrection, and return of Christ. God has called us to take this Good News to every nation, tribe, and language. We are a people on the go and on a mission.

Statement of Faith
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